Guide to Choosing the Right Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your life, so it’s essential that you pick the right photographer to help you capture all the precious moments on such a momentous occasion. Wedding photography companies come in many shapes and forms. In this article, I’ll offer some tips on what you should look for in a Glasgow wedding photography expert to document that all-important day.

The general rule of thumb is to assure yourself of their skill and work out whether their taste is in tune with your own. That will give you a good idea of what you can expect when your photos are finally delivered to you after the wedding. But in more detail, look for the following.

Ask for Examples

When you’ve found a wedding photographer you’re interested in working with, ask to see some sample shots. Don’t just rely on what’s on their website, nor on one or two shots each from several other people’s weddings. It’s likely that the photographer will (understandably) have picked out their best shots. Take some time to leaf through a full photoshoot of a wedding they’ve worked on instead.

What you’re looking for is a sense of how they work, the quality of their photos, and their strengths and weaknesses as a photographer.

Ask yourself if this had been your wedding, would you have been happy with the photos that had been taken? And if you do go on to hire them, are there any additional instructions you’d give them for moments you’d like them to capture?

Look for Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are important for anyone looking to hire a service provider of any kind, and wedding photography should be no exception. Look for companies or photographers who have a fair number of testimonials and reviews you can look at. It’s only natural for any business to post their best reviews on their own website, so look for independent sources for past clients’ views, if possible.

However, if you find a few complaints, don’t be too quick to dismiss that photographer out of hand. Try and look at any negative review dispassionately and determine whether the complaint was actually the photographer’s fault or something the client could have done differently. It’s an emotive subject, and sometimes personalities can clash.

Meet with Them

Whether you’re hiring an individual or a team to document your wedding, do your best to meet with them beforehand, over a video call if necessary.

As noted, personalities can be an issue – you and your photographer can either complement each other or be at cross purposes. Meeting with the team will allow you to gauge whether the chemistry between you and them will work. Of course, you aren’t necessarily looking for a new best friend! But a certain level of comfort between the two parties is required, so you know you and they can work with each other on the big day.

This will also help the photographer feel comfortable with you. They’ll be taking hundreds, maybe thousands of shots of you on your wedding day, so meeting with you will start to give them a feel of how to get the best shots in the most natural way.

An engagement photoshoot is an ideal way to start to get to know each other if your budget will stand it.

Discuss Locations

You may not think where your wedding will be held will have a big impact on the photographer, but that’s not so. They need to be forewarned, for instance, if the venue will be well-lit or dim and more intimate. Some photographers specialise in natural light photography, and others like to use lighting techniques to create stylised shots. So, open and clear communication about any issues your photographer might face is a must.

If you can find a professional who’s taken wedding shots at your venue before, all the better. They’ll have a great idea of what locations to use and avoid for the best results.


Different photographers have different tastes and styles in photography. It’s important you pick a photographer whose style speaks to you.

When you meet a prospective photographer, you can ask about their preferred style. Do they love traditional posed shots, or are they keener on capturing natural, intimate and relaxed moments? Which is your own preference for your wedding photos?

There are no right or wrong answers – you just want to make sure you and your photographer are on the same page so that your final album comes out the way you expect. Any good photographer will be more than happy to explain to you what they are aiming for in every project they carry out.

Price Range

This factor is subjective, and to a certain extent, it depends on the budget you’ve set aside for Glasgow wedding photography. Bear in mind that good photos do tend to cost more because of the experience of the professional taking them and the equipment they’ve invested in, not only for taking the photos, but for editing and presenting them afterwards.

One thing worth noting is that you shouldn’t automatically opt for the lowest quote you’re given. We all want to save money, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so going for the cheapest can be a false economy.

If you’re getting quotes from a few photographers to compare their prices, make sure you’re comparing like with like. Make sure everything you want is included in each price and how the cost equates to the photographer’s level of experience and popularity with clients. Don’t blow your budget, but equally, don’t compromise for the sake of a few hundred pounds.

Avoid Friends and Family

Even if you have a professional photographer in your circle of friends and family, it’s a good idea to look beyond that. With the best will in the world, it’s an emotional time, and a lot is at stake. There can be fallings-out before, during and after the wedding about the photography, and that’s a scenario that is best avoided.

Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

The best way to document your wedding is to hire a well-known local photographer who has plenty of experience and whose reputation other people can vouch for. They should have a good portfolio and gallery available to you so that you know what kind of service you can expect.

Rachel Ross Wedding Photography Glasgow can work with you to document the day in just the way you want it done. With my ideas, skills, experience, and vision, I can ensure that your wedding photos are something you can treasure for years to come. Alongside hundreds of satisfied clients for wedding photography, I also have a similarly impressive reputation for other work, including product and portrait photography.

Visit my homepage at and see what I could do for your wedding, and if you’d like to meet to discuss a project, please do get in touch. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, feel free to send them via the site’s contact form – I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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