Top 4 Tips for Booking Wedding Photographers in Glasgow

A wedding is a unique occasion, and you want it to be the best day of your life. You find the perfect dress, book the best venue, and plan its décor to wow your guests with a lavish reception. Every little detail is agonised over to make sure this is a day to remember for you, your partner and your friends and family. Of course, you also want mementoes of the day to cherish in the years to come, so you need a professional wedding photographer in Glasgow to record the special moments during this once-in-a-lifetime experience. But the costs of Glasgow wedding photography can mount up alarmingly, so this blog advises you on how to make sure that photo coverage of your wedding remains affordable without sacrificing quality.

1. Set a budget

As with any aspect of your wedding, you should first set a budget for the amount you have to spend on photography. Having a set budget helps your decision because it narrows down your options to discount wedding photographers who are far too expensive for your price range. With a list of wedding photographers that are affordable, you can then set about comparing what each of them offers.

2. Compare offers and pricing from multiple wedding photographers

Have an idea of what you’re looking for – how many hours do you want the photographer present, and what parts of the wedding do you want them to attend? Do you just want photos or would you like some parts videoed? Do you want a wedding album, a certain number of prints and access to a digital gallery? Ask for quotes from a few recommended photographers and then compare those. It’s important when comparing prices between photographers to make sure each one is offering a package that meets your expectations.

However, don’t make the wedding photographer Glasgow cost your only deciding factor when choosing between multiple services, even if their packages are broadly the same. You also need to factor in their skill and past experience at shooting wedding photography and whether their preferred style matches what you’re looking for. Assess this by the photos they’ve posted on their website, by asking to see the outputs of a couple of full wedding sessions, and by checking online reviews from past clients on independent websites if possible.

3. Consider conducting your wedding during off-peak dates

If you’re really on a tight budget, you’ll find your costs for everything from venues to flowers and photography will be cheaper at certain times of the year. May to October are the most popular months for weddings, with July and August being most favoured. Wedding photographers are likely to be in high demand during ‘wedding season’, so it’s only natural to see prices rise at that time of year. You may be able to find cheaper suppliers across the board if you book your big day between November to April.

December to March tend to be the cheapest months for Glasgow wedding photography rates as the demand for wedding photographers is at its lowest during this time.

Equally, the day you hold your wedding can make a difference. Many people tend to opt for a Friday or Saturday – book your big day between Monday and Thursday, and you may be able to negotiate a small discount.

4. Book as early as you can

You’re more likely to be asked to pay a premium price if you leave booking your photographer till the last minute. As a guide, it’s a good idea to reserve the date with the photographer you want around six months before your wedding date. Many experts advise confirming your professional photographer at the same time as you book your venue. If you can decide on a wedding photographer at this stage, it’s worth asking if there are any early-bird discounts available.

If you’re looking for the best wedding photographer in Glasgow for your wedding, contact Rachel Ross Wedding Photography Glasgow. I provide exceptional wedding photography coverage across the UK. I offer a range of different wedding photo coverage packages, so there’s sure to be one to your preferences and your budget.

If you only want digital copies of your photos, my Digital Package will suit you at £1,200. This provides full photo coverage of your wedding, with the photos being provided to you in a digital format, complete with an online gallery for your viewing. The pictures can also be saved to any device you please for your future use. If you prefer old-school printed photos, my Album Package offers all of the above with the addition of a beautiful, bespoke photo album with your photos curated inside for just £800 more. In addition to wedding photo coverage, I also carry out engagement shoots, lifestyle and fitness photography, commercial photography and more.

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How much does a wedding photographer cost in the UK?

The price you’ll pay is affected by various factors, including the photographer’s level of skill and experience, your requests for particular services on the day and afterwards, and even where the wedding will be based. According to a recent survey, the average cost for wedding photography in the UK in 2020 was £1,590.00.

How many photos do wedding photographers take?

On average, for eight hours of wedding photo coverage, you can anticipate an output of around 400 photographs from a single photographer. For weddings, many people like to hire two photographers to capture all aspects of the day. However, it’s important that you should focus less on the number of photos and more on the quality of the images captured.

What should a wedding photographer include?

If you’re booking wedding photographers near me, ask for one that will cover the whole event. This should include shots taken before the wedding itself, the ceremony, portrait shots, and the reception. You can also choose some or all of the proofs, prints, an album, and a USB drive with photos. Most importantly, photographs should be professionally edited and high-resolution.

Is 4 hours enough for wedding photographers in Glasgow?

Yes, in many cases, top wedding photographers can provide a 4-hour service as part of their basic package. If you are on a tight budget, four hours gives time to capture everything from the end of the getting-ready process through to the reception.

When should wedding photographers arrive?

If desired, you can brief your wedding photographer to arrive an hour before the bride is ready to leave the house. This will allow them to get shots of the bride (and sometimes also the groom) before they leave for the venue. But it’s up to you on the whole.

Should I have two photographers at my wedding?

Typically, wedding organisers hire two photographers to allow for coverage for both the bride and the groom, especially before the wedding because they usually come from different locations. Two photographers can also capture some of those funny, intimate or touching moments you might otherwise miss but would like to see after the event.

The Essential Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them

finding photographer in Glasgow
how much wedding photographer cost

What is their primary style?

Every wedding cameraman in Glasgow and beyond has their own style, and you need to be confident that it matches your own vision for your wedding photography. This is why asking to see your prospective photographer’s portfolio is so important. View it and ask yourself if you’d be happy with this kind of record of your own big day.

Does the wedding photographer have plenty of prior experience?

You don’t want to be someone’s test project, unless you’re comfortable with that idea. Again, asking them about past projects and viewing their portfolio will give you a good idea about their level of experience. Testimonials from past clients are also a great way to learn more about the skill levels of any Glasgow-based photographer for weddings.

Do they have a backup plan?

Everything tends to go to plan, but sometimes, life happens. Does your photographer have a contingency plan if they’re ill on the day or can’t travel to the venue? Good photographers will be able to call on additional resources to make sure you aren’t let down on your big day.

Factors to Consider When Hiring Wedding Photographers

Qualifications – A professional marriage photographer in Glasgow should be able to demonstrate they have the training and experience to capture, edit and produce first-class photographs. They should know how to use a variety of cameras and lenses, as well as how to utilise lighting to get high-quality shots.

Experience and Reputation – A wedding photographer with a good reputation is one that the couple can rely on to provide high-quality service. An expert photographer will be familiar with how to deal with and react to a variety of unexpected situations. Check out their membership of professional bodies associated with photography, and wedding photography in particular, as well as looking at their portfolio to view previous work.

Style of Photography – Wedding photographers all have their own unique styles. Familiarise yourself with types of wedding photography, so you have a good idea of what you’d like, then ask whether your chosen photographer can match it. Viewing their portfolio also helps with this. Good images come from developing a good rapport between the couple and the photographer.

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and you want the best record of the day possible. To make that happen, look for a professional wedding photographer with solid knowledge and experience in wedding photography. Rachel Ross Wedding Photography Glasgow is highly experienced and covers a wide range of wedding styles. So, visit my homepage today and let’s discuss how I can capture the best day of your life!

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